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[macosx] A: Here is a piece of code that will copy from MacOS to Windows. It will ask you the output directory and the target folder. Run it on the Windows PC. You will get a backup on the Windows PC and copy from MacOS back to Windows. import os import shutil import time def copy_folder(src, dest): ''' Copies one or more directories, and any files within them, from a source location to a destination location. ''' print 'Copying...' if not os.path.exists(dest): os.makedirs(dest) print('Creating output directory:'+ dest) print 'Copying'+ src +'to'+ dest + '...' shutil.copytree(src, dest) print 'Finished copying'+ src +'to'+ dest + '.' def main(): src = 'Users/Tom/Downloads/' dest = 'Users/Tom/Downloads/backup/' time.sleep(5) print 'Input Directory:' print src print 'Output Directory:' print dest print 'Source path:' print os.path.abspath(src) print 'Destination path:' print os.path.abspath(dest) copy_folder(src, dest) if __name__ == '__main__': main() Mean platelet volume as a new marker for septic complications in patients undergoing bariatric surgery. The aim of this study was to evaluate the mean platelet volume (MPV) levels and platelet parameters as indicators of septic complications after bariatric surgery. A retrospective analysis of preoperative and postoperative platelet and MPV values in patients who had undergone bariatric surgery was performed between January 2012




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